Taina Berardi forest academy

Taina Berardi
Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation Teacher, Artist + Reiki Master Intuitive Healer

Formerly a corporate marketing executive now living and working her most passionate life, Taina is inspired to share the limitless benefits of yoga and meditation with people of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds. As an artist and holistic healing entrepreneur, Taina infuses compassion and vibrant healing energy into all of her art, workshops, public classes and private sessions. Trained in meditation stress reduction and relaxation techniques, compassion cultivation, crystal healing, aromatherapy, Reiki energy healing, Vinyasa, Yin and Sculpt yoga disciplines, Taina facilitates integrative healing as a means of restoring and revitalizing her students so they can live a happy, healthy existence.

Taina is currently studying under Larry Payne, PhD creator of Prime of Life Yoga at the IAYT-accredited Yoga Therapy Program in the LMU Center for Religion & Spirituality which prepares yoga instructors to serve clients with health challenges in private, group, and clinical settings. When off the mat, Taina is the founder and creative artist behind Jewel of the Gypsy, a soulful collection of bespoke gemstone jewelry and accessories handmade in San Diego, CA. Taina also engages the philosophies of yoga in her activities as the Community Relations Manager for Sojourn Healing Collective, working to cultivate inspired health and wellness to an ever-widening community.