Welcome to Forest Academy

Nature-Based Community School


Inspired by a life-long fascination of deep forests and exploration of our natural world, the Forest Academy was created to connect people with nature and curate inspiring, experiential and enlightening education on conscious living. We deliver native wisdom teachings that are within us, waiting to be found. We work with the spirit of nature to guide us towards self-renewal, movement, and personal transformations.

Forest Academy evolved with the collaboration of our masters and guides who are dedicated to facilitating empowerment, expansion, and preservation of our natural world and devoted to protecting ancient wisdom through ritual expression and healing modalities. As practitioners, we honor the natural rhythm of life and work with the energetics of vibration to unite us with self, nature and all living things. 

Established as a heart-centered, for-purpose, conscious community organization, we are committed to global reforestation. Our give-back promise is to donate a portion of proceeds for every student attending our classes and workshops as well as every candle sold to help revive and renew our forestlands, through our partnership with OneTreePlanted.

Our mission is to elevate humanity through conscious awareness, presence and our highest expression of love by curating an experiential community school in our forests, inspired by the ancient rooted wisdom of earth and timeless celebrated rituals of the world.

Our vision is a world where nature and people unite as one, guided by inner wisdom to lead with our highest potential and committed to the renewal of our healing forest sanctuaries for the present and future generations to come. Our 5-year goal is to plant 250,000 trees through community action and efforts. Forest Academy is a heart-centered and soulful community taking place in our local parks and forests, committed to curating magical experiences inspired by nature's wisdom and ancient rituals.

Community Founder, Maria Theresa is a crystal sound healing artist, forest nature guide and entrepreneur with a passion for curating magical experiences, holding space for others to expand their human potentiality through creative arts and healing ceremonies and traditions, and empowering others to learn compassion and devotion to our community. She is a relationship activator and works with many of our courageous leaders in San Diego. Her program courses have been lovingly brought to life by her exploration into consciousness and inspiration of nature, specifically mountains and forestlands and a fascination with pioneering naturalists John Muir and Kate Sessions.