Sacred Candle Light Ritual

Sacred Candle Light Ritual

Thought of us a symbol of illumination, candles can be a sacred tool to invoke spiritual intention through ceremony and manifestation. 

We invite you to experience the energy of our forests by setting up a sacred space for a candle light meditation to quiet the mind, access inner peace, and connect with a higher consciousness. 

How to Practice

  1. Simply light the candle in a dimly lit room, find a comfortable position to sit in front of it and place the candle at eye level. 

  2. Invite your intention, recite a mantra or speak an affirmation.

  3. Breathe deep, fill your lungs with air and release. Repeat.

  4. Bring your attention to the flame. 

  5. Soften your gaze and become fascinated with the dance of the flame, experience transcendence of thought where you are left with only awareness of the flame.

Forest Academy Shinrin-Yoku Candle

Inspired by Shinrin-Yoku
Our Forest Academy candles are hand poured in small batches and prepared with the conscious intent to expand the ritual of Shinrin-Yoku “forest bathing” and invite that energy into our being. The scent is infused with aromatic California Pine, Cedarwood, Evergreen and Amber to evoke fond memories of our forests and connect us back to earth’s wisdom.

Our Give-Back to the Planet

Forest Academy is committed to global reforestation, with our promise of one tree planted for every candle sold, in partnership with OneTreePlanted. Our goal is to plant 1000 trees from our candle campaign. To this day, we’ve planted 100 trees in Northern California through our collective efforts.

Our Conscious Partnership

Our candles were co-created by a small, veteran-owned husband and wife team located in rural Pennsylvania, surrounded by natural beauty and deep forests. During our evaluation, we interviewed several purveyors and especially loved working with Devin because we were aligned in our mission and vision to share love and light with the world!

The creative process was both joyful and inspiring and 100% supportive of our standards. They source ethical and sustainable materials from conscious partnerships, including recycled glass jars, recycled label paper, soy-based ink printing, all-natural GMO-free soy wax, high-grade essential oil fragrance (phthalate-free and clean burning), and unbleached natural cotton wick.

Devin also practices Reiki and Evidential Mediumship and believes in the power of intention setting. Each one of the candles were made intentionally to bring peace and transform the lives of anyone who burns them. They are also blessed with Palo Santo and Florida Water.

The art of forest bathing is the art of connecting with nature through our senses. All we have to do is accept the invitation. Mother Nature does the rest.
— Qing Li
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