Rituals to Celebrate Spring Equinox

The coming of Spring is marked by the Equinox – meaning “equal light.” The Spring Equinox occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator from South to North and daylight and night are equal and balanced. 

We can find the connection and relevance in how energy moves through life on earth, from the breeze blowing off the tree’s winter coat to the new shoots growing out of a stump. Now is the moment to acknowledge the cycle of life and rebirth.

Enjoy a few simple ways to celebrate renewal, feel more alive and connected, and experience harmony in nature with our favorite nature-bathing rituals. 


Play a game of noticing. Look at the patterns in the bark, the play of light through leaves, the silhouette of a bird against the sky, the burst of lichen on rocks, the delicate plants growing close to the ground. 


The forest is full of textures. Take your shoes off, let your feet get in contact with the ground beneath, skin to earth. Tickle your arm with a pine needle or hold on to a rough bark of birch. 

What does spring air smell like? Take a fresh leaf and hold it to your nose. Rub the leaves between your hands and breathe in the botanical essence 

Did you know that trees can hear? Close your eyes and listen to the sound of wind in the trees and rustling of leaves, trickling water, scurrrying animals, creaking of branches rubbing together.  

Stick your tongue out and taste the wild air, detect the sun-warmed resin, the sweetness of the tree sap, the salty ocean breeze.

Maria Harrison