Jana Craciunescu forest academy

Jana Craciunescu

I have been dancing since I was little. It has been such an important part of my life. I always knew that dance has potential to heal our body, our mind, our emotions. And even though I trained myself in many forms of dance, and stood on the stages of professional theaters, when I talk about dance, I mean the dance that you create yourself, the one that brings you joy, the one that awakens you and heals you, the one that sets you free.

I have been working with all age groups throughout the years – from 2-year-old children to 96-year-old adults. Currently I create dance or yoga workshops. Also I specialize on working with older adults. I create for them yoga and dance programs. And even though I know that movement and especially natural type of dance is super powerful and healing, the results of my students always amaze me.

I don’t communicate dance in traditional way, I don’t teach some existing movement of some concrete style but rather I help my students discover new movement possibilities in a very natural way. I use different tools for that. If you trust this process your body just lets you know how, how fast, in what rhythm it needs to move. There is no wrong movement, all the movement that you do is right. My students claim to reach happiness, peace, contentment and joy during the dance sessions. All the high emotions that initiate healing to our mind, and body and nurture higher consciousness.