Chelaine Kokos


Chelaine Kokos first fell in love with the outdoors as a young child playing in the forest, lakes and rivers of Minnesota. She spent the long winter days deep in the snow and the warm summers chasing fireflies and running in the woods. This love continued and deepened as she became older; leading Chelaine to complete her Bachelors of Science in Outdoor Education and working in the field for over 10 years. Her passion to affect change began at a young age. She knew the answer to helping mother earth lay in the gift of knowledge. Helping to educate others so they may make responsible choices for the earth out of freedom became a life-long path.

She has been working with and educating people of all ages from early childhood through adulthood for over 20 years in a variety of outdoor settings. During this journey Chelaine discovered Waldorf Education and Eurythmy. She found the perfect balance of outdoors, music, art and movement with Waldorf education. Chelaine fell madly in love during her Waldorf Teacher Training with Eurythmy. She is a fully certified Waldorf Teacher and Eurythmist.

Chelaine teaches eurythmy at the Waldorf High School of San Diego. She has performed and taught in the United States, Mexico Costa Rica and Europe.

β€œThe art of eurythmy leads us into the reality of our truest life experiences: it stimulates the life body, enlivens the soul, enhances spiritual perception and so contributes to the enrichment of cultural life. This is an awakening of an aesthetic experience, but it is also a healing, a making whole of humanity which is torn now in so many directions, struggling for a way to understand and simply to live in a divided, divisive world. Eurythmy brings healing into this world not by bringing together what is divided in a culture that looks only for physical solutions, but by cultivating awareness of, and actually participating in, forces of becoming which mediate the entry of spiritual forces into our lives.” -Coralee Schmandt