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Ahlea Khadro

Ahlea discovered at a young age that she could “see into” other people’s bodies. She was able to connect with the stories that lie beneath the surface of a person. As a young gymnast diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 12 she was cornered into translating her own story into a healing opportunity. This diagnosis coupled with her gift of sight took her on a dynamic and rather unconventional adventure. From working in mainstream hospitals to the feet of yogic masters she has carved a far-reaching path that has allowed her to see new ways to heal the body and soul… and grace the lives around her with new perspectives.

Ahlea devoted a decade of immersion in various spiritual paths of liberation and healing, including: Sufism, Taoism, Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, Astanga Yoga & traditional Tantra.  Ahlea managed several yoga & retreat centers, hosting several Buddhist and Bon Lamas whom she has also deeply studied with. 

After teaching yoga & meditation around the world and working with homeless teens Ahlea decided to ground herself in San Diego and founded an integral wellness center, named Soulstice a vehicle through which she has served many people with a vision of assisting people to live their soul more freely in their human (embodied) body.  

She honed a special niche of intuitive healing with manual therapies, blending visceral manipulation, cranio-sacral techniques, Ayurvedic nutrition and her gift of listening to the messages locked away in the body.  Ahlea's healing work attracted a very special client named Louise Hay, and the two developed a very sacred friendship over 15 years. The two bonded over healthy living, serving others, organic gardening and brought their passions together to write a book called Loving Yourself to Great Health (with Heather Dane).  Ahlea was incredibly honored in being Louise’s ‘person’ and health advocate in her final years of living and assisted her soul’s journey from this plane when she recently passed away. 

As a single mom and due to the profound presence she brings each session, Ahlea can only see a handful of people in her private practice. She works with her staff of gifted healers at Soulstice to curate personalized transformation and healing journeys for people who come from all around the globe. Ahlea also teaches online courses for people wanting to take their lives to the next level, as well as mentors healers, empaths, intuitives, and teachers as well as Intentional Parenting courses.

Ahlea and her son live with their furry friends (and fish)  and enjoy harvesting nettles and a bounty of vegetables from their organic garden.